Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kourou river on canoe

 Marco started with school, so we are busy in the morning for about 2 hours.  The two Johans took the canoes for an early morning row, close to the mangroves and forest where you can hear all the birds. They started off with the tide, making it much easier.  They saw lots of birds and parrots and crabs, but no caimans or anacondas! After about 6 hours and 24 km of rowing they returned with the tide.  But we had good rains and the river was in flood so the current was extremely strong and the wind picked up.  The river was roaring with brown rolling rapids.  I watched them speeding closer at mercy of the river.  Eventually they reached the boat, but it wasn`t so easy to stop a canoe and get onto Catlyn while the river is roaring past.  Of course they had life jackets, but during the peaceful morning it became so hot that they took it off, so now they had to safe their life jackets from washing down the river.  At last they were safe aboard!

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