Friday, August 19, 2011


We left Kourou with a sigh of relief. It was not only the fact that our rental car was broken into, not only because of the fiasco with our credit cards, not because every yacht dragged in the river, not because of paying 3,50 Euro for a bread, but if it wasn`t for the rocket launch, Kourou will not be on my list of destinations.

But I will definitely anchor at Salvation Islands! It was like a fresh breath. We celebrated Rolf`s birthday again on their yacht with a chocolate mousse cake the two Johans baked, and Marco and I put the icing and the candle on. 

 We got together after sunset on Ile de St. Joseph, with all the other yachts.  Yacht Out of Africa, Tika, Kea and the Warren Cat.  Yacht Kea and the Warren Cat came via South-Africa, and it was wonderful to hear how much they enjoyed our country, with the good food,  the good wine and the good people and the excellent Sea Rescue Team in Langebaan who rescued the Warren Cat after it broke loose from their bouy in front of the Langebaan Yacht Club.
We shared the island with the French Legioen, and after singing happy birthday to Rolf, a beautiful young soldier offered us `Parisbrest` a sweet traditional French dessert, and Ice cream! You can just imagine how much people living on boats enjoy ice cream! Merci beaucoup, French Legioen!
Ps. Welcome to our new follower, Marthie Erasmus!


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