Monday, February 14, 2011

11 January 2011

We are here! Beautiful bottlenose dolphins danced us into James Bay with massive rocks towering over Catlyn. We were silent for a while... About seven foreign yachts were moored and the water taxi came towards us. Greg showed us where to pick up a mooring. Wonderful to be attached to something!

We hoisted the quarantine flag and got ready for Immigrations and Customs. It was a smooth ride through all the procedures. Everyone told us to have your medical insurance ready at St Helena, otherwise they expect you to take out local medical insurance. Well, no one asked for it. Don't know whether it just slipped their minds.

James Town is a quaint little town nestled between two majestic mountains. We found everything we needed. Anne's Place is lovely for a beer in the Castle gardens. Donny's has warm inviting showers, and even a small brewey. Paul is brewing his own gin from the junipers from the local Cedar wood, and Tungi, like mampoer from prickly pears. It is really tasting better than mampoer. We went home with the gin and a bottle of his coffee liquer, "Midnight Mist".

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Wo.anderer said...

Wel gedaan Catlyners!!!