Sunday, February 20, 2011

St Helena

We are getting too comfortable on this island, I think. When I walk down the street I started recognizing some faces, and even greet and chat to some Saints we’ve met along the way… not difficult if you consider the one main street town, and only a small island to explore. We bumped into Paul, speaking Afrikaans from behind us! We’ve met two years ago when Catlyn was launched and both of us were in Elliot Basin, Cape Town. What a lovely surprise! They moored their Sunsail Yacht next to us, and swam over for sweet pancakes and hot chilli con carne…. Paul is a delivery skipper and he and his crew, Brad and Pieter are on their way to Greece. Today we are invited to a bring and braai at Anne’s Place with them and some Saints, and we look forward to the warm coal fire and familiar smokey smells.
Marco is done with school and are studying for the exams. I don’t think he will be able to do his exams, because we were going to be on our way to Brazil then, and he needs internet access for that. I will definitely not tell him that!

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