Monday, February 14, 2011

12 February 2011

It is close to Valentine's Day, and all the little shop windows are full of something red and lovable. Unfortunately we missed the Valentine's Dance at the Consulate Hotel, where Hazel decorated the Ball Room in pink. The whole morning I could here the piano playing, while I was sitting with the laptop in the blue lounge, on the soft couch with Napoleon watching me from one of the frames on the wall.

With a packet of fresh cold plums and something to drink, we stood at the bottom of Jacob's Ladder. Towering above was 699 steps going straight into the blue sky, to reach the top of the hill where the people live in their houses. A tough climb late, with Marco reaching the top first, of course, the view was breathtaking. dad heard in town about this new pub up the hill where we could get a cold beer, Oasis. So uphill we went, asking around every time we saw someone, even the people in the garden of the Jehova Witness Hall told us: "Up, Up, Uphill!" Many hills later we found the place, and we were the only four people in this dilapidated little pub. Stewart, a saint from St Helena, found us, and entertained us, until we ended up in his humble home listening to Lucky Dube! ...and so we missed the Valentine's Dance...

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