Saturday, February 26, 2011

25 February

Janlie…this is for our girl! We wish you a happy born day, and dream with you the dreams you are dreaming. May all of them be blessed. We miss your muffins and coffee in the mornings, and the boys miss your delicious fudge! And I miss you rubbing my feet, and making sure that my nails are nicely cutexed… I miss just you being around with your soft touch… May all the people around you realize the inner strength you have and the healing love of sharing you can give them! Love from your family and Catlyn.
Janlie, we went to Heart Shape Waterfall after we chatted on FB for a couple of minutes. My heart was crying the whole morning, until we came to this beautiful waterfall! We slipped and climbed to the heart of the waterfall and sat underneath the icy drops of heavenly water pouring down on us. I knew then…you will be fine and looked after, by the loving water of the Universe pouring down on you!

The afternoon the boys were fishing and Dad caught something big! The hawk beak turtle came up for air, and we saw that he hooked him on the leg. We safely brought him aboard in the net and freed this beautiful reptile.

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