Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ships Meeting

What an unbelievable experience when strangers sit around a table being served with the best food on an island. Did Jesus from the Bible experience this when he sat talking to people, touching total strangers with that something….. We were touched. We got invited to Anne’s Place for a braai, and we took out our best steak and made a strong garlic French loaf and joined the group of people. But Richard and Jane opened their hands and their hearts to all these strangers hanging around on this Sunday afternoon and the chicken flavor filled the smoky smells of the wood burning in the fire place.
A table was laid with the most delicious salads and side dishes all prepared by Jane, Anne’s daughter. We sat together feasting, sharing lives with the people from Chili, a boy from Bellville and Saints from St Helena. We were bonded by our boats on the sea….forever joined.
Thank you to Richard and Jane and his family for giving us this memory….

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