Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dinner at Catlyn

We invited Yacht Marionette for dinner, and spent the evening chatting away and serving South-African food to the Chileans and Swedish people and a very happy South-African young man. He emptied the pots of “mieliepap” and the girl from Chili, Cathy emptied the dish of Mealie tart… Maybe it was just a lot of hungry people, living aboard a mono hull for a year and a half with no refrigeration what so ever.
They are leaving tomorrow for Senekal on their way to the Canaries, where Thomas, the South African who studied at Tuks, ( BSc) is getting off and hope to find a job… Bon Voyage!
We are slowly starting to prepare, and the RMSPosboot” arrived on Wednesday, and the containers were being offloaded. The little wharf and town at James Bay were buzzing with excitement. We were holding thumbs that our little parcel, with the circuit breaker will be somewhere among the big containers.

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