Monday, February 14, 2011

14 February 2011

Early morning Johan went with the ferry to town. It costs one pound fifty for a return trip, and he had a coffee at Anne's Place waiting for the town to wake up.He had to sort out our "over" powered problem. To all the people joking that we can supply Escom, with all our solar panels, you were right! The 40 amp circuit breaker is not man enough to handle our power supply, so we need a 60 amp circuit breaker. In SA the sun was never shining, and at last there is sun in our lives. He ordered that and a new Dc meter which he squashed with his finger one evening in the dark... This package will come with the RMS Boat from Cape Town on Sunday.

While he was away Joe and I baked the lemon meringue the boys were craving for. We found some tennis biscuits in a little shop...and are going to have a lovely tea time.

I am unpacking some mouldy lockers, and are trying to get as much fresh air into every little dark place on the boat. The boys can't stay out of the water. In the meantime two neighbours left for Granada and one for Ascension. Another yacht broke loose from her mooring and we saw her drifting slowly out to sea. She was rescued by Moose and the Ferryman.
We are thinking of staying a little while longer....

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Anonymous said...

Hi Marlene,

En so begin elke lang reis met die eerste tree. Baie geluk met die eertse tree -'well done'. Hoop julle rus lekker en geniet die nuwe omgewing.Hoe gaan dit met die kaptein? Vra hom wanneer kan ons sy 'log' verwag want 'soon' is seker al 'pretty soon'