Saturday, February 26, 2011

Exploring St Helena

We booked a car for the day! Fifteen pounds for the day, and fill up your own petrol at about R12 a liter, and when Solomon’s Insurance made sure you are a long time driver, and the Police signed you in for the day on their records, you can hit their roads. They also drive on the right hand of the road, if it is wide enough, otherwise the rule is, uphill vehicles may pass first, and you going down, have to find a spot wide enough to wait. Any way we were off, and not being used to cars any more, after a while Marco wasn’t so nervous anymore and started to trust his dad behind the wheel of this very old, Ford Fiesta.

We found our important package at Customs today, and also went to Immigrations to sign out of St. Helena, so we hope to be off soon. We waived Marionette good bye on their voyage…
With a very basic map, we went to Halley’s Mount, who was here many years ago, waiting for Halley’s Comet to show itself. He studied all the stars, and missed the Comet because of a very cloudy night. Big evergreen trees formed a natural roof, and the ferns followed their trunks up to the sky, while we walked through the lush hills. With enough climbing exercise for the day, we drove with this little car all the way to the other side of this 45 square meter island, called Sandy Bay, but with clothes on. A black volcanic beach awaited us, just passed the volcanic rocks, Lot and his wife and three daughters.
Of course we passed a little shop, and yes we had to stop to see if there was any fresh fruit or eggs available. Sandy Bay shop didn’t have that but we found a delicious salami. Since we bought Catlyn, Johan got this image from Rudi, the builder, ( and I am sure it was just sales talk…) but any way, he envisioned this bunch of green bananas hanging at the aft deck. Just pass this little shop, turn left and you will find beautiful bunches hanging in a dark room. Raymond, the manager of Solomon’s sold him his own bunch!
Marco went for a last hug to the old, Jonathan, and I found eggs at the Spar Supermarket! Eggs are like gold on St. Helena. We’ve succeeded to land the two dozen safely on Catlyn, after a tough ride on the ferry on a very naughty sea, as the Saints call it. For the last week we are experiencing a tough time in James Bay. During these two weeks, 2 yachts broke free from their moorings, and today one was drifted to the open sea with the mooring as well! Luckily the ferry saved the boat. It is important to dive down to secure your lines. We have two mooring lines and our bridle with an extra shackle attached to the mooring!

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