Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Problems in the heads

So it was not the end. We are without the master cabin's electric toilet since we left Walvis Bay. Since we started using this toilet almost two years ago, we were always so aware of every slurping noise it made. Sometimes it was a high pitched noice or sometimes it was a low moaning groan...but every noise made me nervous. When will this fancy thing stop slurping and start spitting? It is quite a constipated situation, between you and me. Is it the toilet kicking up or is the thing not properly installed, or is the outlet pipes just too long for this pump to shove the load out in the ocean? All I know is that if I can choose again, I will not install a fancy expensive electric toilet ever, because it is so much easier to pump it in and to pump it out with the old manual toilet at port side. The only maintenance you have is to pour a little vinegar and sometimes cooking oil into it's hungry mouth to lubricate the throat of this monster. No unearthly sounds to make you a nervous wreck! So I actually would like to know if any one with a yacht and a manual toilet aboard would like to swop, please let me know! Otherwise I think a beautiful piece of white porcelain might be hitting the bottom the ocean soon!

Ps. Me and Marco rather went for a swim and snorkeled and we were blessed by the company of the manta ray and the big hawkbill tortoise! A splendid change of scenery...

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