Saturday, February 12, 2011

Somewhere in February

A light wind was blowing steadily and with the screecher out we had a gentle sail. When out on the deck you can see the fish from the ocean swimming next to us. Big long fin tuna and some steel grey fish wire chaperoning us, The water was an indigo blue, and Anriette the deepest so far is 3500 meters of water underneath us. Johan threw out the lines and the big tuna were lured in! What a beautiful fish! But we "photo" and release this amazing animal back into the sea. For two days a tuna was following us. When you go outside the tuna was swimming next to us, every now and then skimming the surface. I would like to think it is the one we set free.

The night sail was less scary for me, not because the sea was calmer but only because I survived the first darkness! When the first light came and little flying fish was lying on our deck I knew I was going to be okay. For the rest of the time these little silver fish spread their wing over the ocean and fly....amazing!

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