Saturday, February 12, 2011

Still sailing

I am so good with the night sailing now. I am not scared any more and I don't feel so claustrophobic any more. I realise that I am fine, and just sailing like when the sun is shining. I even done a bit of reading, without feeling queasy. It is still overcast and I cant wait to see the stars.

I lost track of time when I was on land but was reminded of reality every now and then. At sea you just exists! The logbook said it is February the 7 th. My shift was from 3h00 to 6hoo.
Last night I could see the rain on the radar, and knew that the big swelling cumulus clouds of the afternoon were creeping closer. For the whole time that we were sailing we were surrounded by clouds, black thunder clouds looming, but we were safely protected and stayed right in the centre of all happening around us. The sea stayed calm and the wind gentle and the soft rain just washed down the salt from the sea.

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