Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ann's Place

By now you’ve heard a lot about Ann’s Place. I spoke to Richard, while peeling potatoes, because the sea was too naughty for fishing. He is Ann’s son. His mother, when still a young women, born in St. Helena, saw all the yachties visiting her island sitting on the steps of the Post Office with their bread and cheese, and she realized that she can feed them. She started the restaurant in the Castle gardens, in 1978. I paged through many guest books since 1979, visiting her restaurant , and complimenting her on her heartiness and amazing apple crumble. Today she is in the old age home uphill, suffering from Alzheimer's Disease, and Jane, who worked for her since she was a young girl and became her daughter in law, is now running Ann’s Place, with the same apple crumble to make you feel at home!

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