Sunday, March 20, 2011

13th March

Happy born day Jaco and Louis! May this year of all the two’s for the two of you, 22, be double fun, double pleasure, double blessings and double love…
Thank you for technology, we phoned the boys with the satellite phone standing in the middle of nowhere looking at the ocean, and heard there voices… We were spoilt with Jaco’s favorite Oopsies, and lunch on a stick. Peanut butter chicken and pork satays, veggie and potato kebabs and for desert bananas on a stick, all grilled on our gas braai.

I was on night watch from 24h00 to 03h00 and I lived through a squall all by myself. I run with the screecher and genoa out and the heavy cumulus clouds slowly moved passed us on starboard side! The wind was pumping but Catlyn was just gliding over the swells like a champagne cork. It is nice to have a heavy and strongly built boat!
Marco’s being off the weather for the last two days. He misses his Ouma, his brothers and sisters, his room full of toys, electricity to plug his Xbox in and to play computer games for hours, and he misses the farm and running around with his friends. Last night he woke me up running a temperature and with swollen glands and inflamed tonsils. Luckily I have all my homeopathic muti aboard and in a day or so he will be better.
Today was spent washing some linen, cleaning aft deck lockers and packing away our duvets. It is time to vacuum pack them, and to put them away. Haleluja! I have been waiting for this for such a long time. Summer all year round! Even during the evenings we don’t even wear jackets any more, only as little as possible. The water temperature is 31 degrees…my bath water in George! Joe rinsed down the two Yanmar engines with fresh water, and the oil and sail drive oil were checked. He cooked us a lovely red bean chili dish and I will surely add his recipe.
Everyone went for a nap after not much sleep last night, and only Johan camped out on the aft deck. We clocked 4000 nautical miles today, since we launched Catlyn ! If all goes well we will be in Salvador in about 6 days time. Thanks to my sister, Anriette we know exactly where to go in Salvador for the Customs and Immigration, and we are hoping to be there on Friday during their office hours.
Ps. We lost all three lures today, sleeping and not checking…so I will not repeat the adjectives of a very upset Capitaine.

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