Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sweet things aboard

Ok, this post is not going to be about me, but some other sweet stuff that I keep locked away! With three men aboard with a healthy appetite and an even healthier sweet tooth, I had to make a plan. With a shortage of space, where do I hide all the sweeties? I received a pink little code lock for mother's day, some time ago, and decided that I could use this. I locked away the stash! Every time I shop, I will be on the lookout for something sweet and interesting to add to the sweety bin. Only once in a while I will open this for each to grab a treat. But of course it triggered the boys imagination...How can we crack the code? Believe it or not, Marco cracked it twice! And of course Joe and his little brother found a way to lift the lid with screw drivers and with the braai tongs, they sneek out whatever lies on top. I had enough of the nagging of three men trying to get a treat, and when Marco cracked the code for the third time, I handed over the responsibility to this young man. Now it is more difficult than ever for the other two men to get a treat out of him! I just love the way responsibility changes a man....

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