Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Enjoying life!

The boys are loving the warm 35 degree water! Early morning Marco got his brother up and in a canoe, because he wanted to row to an island close by, to get me a coconut! He even strapped this big fishing knife to his ankle to cut it from the tree! A man has to be prepared. After rowing for more than an hour they reached the island only to realise how tall the palm trees are! He didn't bring me a coconut, but he was as pink as a prawn. Hopefully he will listen to me nagging him to put sun block on.

Johan and I walked around the area and found nice fresh "sals" or bread rolls or the typical bradchens from Walvis Bay. We found good cooked ham like ours and cheese like our cheddar...it also tastes like nothing. The Portuguese love sweet stuff, and we tasted some. I bought some eggs, crisp white. The egg shells are porous and so soft, you can break them open with one hand...not like our Rainbow chickens being fed all the calcium. Salvador looks like a major city with sky scrapers. Here at Itaparica you have to walk around from little place to another to look for what you need. On the other side of the Island is a Wall Mart supermarket that we have not yet visited. No Woolworths, or Checkers. Enjoy South-Africa! It is still the land of milk and honey! I haven't seen any furniture shops or clothing shops yet, only a little stall with a couple of hats and t-shirts.

ps. All the comments are posted...thanks to all. Charles, you know our skipper...good to get all around him working...

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Hey dit lyk flippen lekker!!mis jul.Jaco