Sunday, March 20, 2011

Still @ St Helena

Ok, so we are not leaving today. And we are very relaxed about it. We checked the weather , unfortunately, and there it said that there is hardly any wind until Wednesday, and on Tuesday the swells are 5m and head on. Marco woke up this morning and said, that he’s got a gut feeling that we mustn’t leave today. Minutes later the aft bilge pump played up! Every time a wave washed over the engine room, water seeps in and the bilge pump is supposed to pump out the water. We don’t have an extra pump, so we have to make a plan. The next RMS ship is only coming in May to St. Helena, so that is not an option. The solution for now is: We are going to seal the engine room as best as possible, and then we will dry out the room every 24 hours. Johan checked the fuses, checked for loose wires which are all good and Junior even opened the pump, but couldn’t find the problem.

We are going to have Dad’s lovely Thai chicken with a glass of Four Cousins Dry White, and fill up the water tanks to the brim. We are doing some final touches today, and will be off early tomorrow morning! I won’t be talking to you for quite some time, so wait for us on the other side of the Atlantic with all the exciting news of sailing this 1900nm to Salvador. The other sailors say that it takes about 14 – 21 days depending and the wind and weather. Be safe on your side….

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