Sunday, March 20, 2011

9th March

We are half way on our way to Salvador! The last two days we were blessed with wonderful wind…after Joe asked for wind with his lunch time prayer. We had three bad sailing days when the wind just totally died down. Now we are running with the genoa port and the screecher on the other side. The current is also pushing us forward and we are surfing the waves.
Our systems are used to the night shifts, and we even start waking up before the time… waiting for the shift to start. Johan loves sitting outside with his shift, the earphones in his ears and listening to soft music while watching the stars. Joe has to eat while he is on watch. I put out sweeties or cookies for him, and he also finishes whatever left overs is left in the fridge. Because of the foul taste in your mouth all the time, I don’t know whether it is because of the salty air we breathe in all the time, but we drink a lot of cold water and nibble a lot. Brushing your teeth only helps for a while. I would like to ask some other sailors on this issue, but all four of us, experience the same. I love to read with the head lamp and treasure one book only for my watch.

Just before lunch Marco saw a huge Dorado swimming next to us, chasing a flying fish for his lunch. There is space in our freezer so the men were out immediately trying to catch it. Marco gave it a name, Machinga, and was praying for the fish not to take the lure. His prayers were answered and the freezer stayed empty. It is so beautiful to see this lime green and electric blue fish ripping through the water, and showing off his tail fin while surfing the waves. No fresh lunch for us, so Joe made a lovely macaroni dish and while the oven was still warm I quickly baked two oats breads.
Our fresh vegetables are getting less now, with only some cole, a little bit of broccoli, carrots, butternut and potatoes left. No salad stuff left and Johan is treasuring a couple of little tomatoes. Of course we have the bananas which are all ripe now, and green apples. It will take some careful planning for the rest of the time!

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