Sunday, March 20, 2011

It is almost 21h00 and we are full of energy! Johan decided that the bananas lying like spotted Dalmations need to change shape, so I made another Banana tart, and he made his own new recipe for a banana bread. It is still in the oven, and if it tastes good, we’ll share the recipe with you. Marco is playing on his brother’s guitar giving us music from August Rush. Joe went outside to check on the sails, and came back with a young barracuda on the line. We had to consult the books because we didn’t know this elongated silver fish with the scary teeth. We didn’t keep it, but the men are now motivated to catch a fish in the dark. A new illuminated squid are out, so it is going to be an exciting night. We hope the wind will pick up, which died down this afternoon.
Today was a day spent cleaning out the lockers, checking for weevils. The white bread flour and rice are clean, thank goodness. I filled the airtight containers, and added the bay leaves to scare anything else away. All the long life milk were checked and packed according to expiry dates. The potatoes were checked, and every day I turned the eggs in their carton, to keep the yolk for clinging to one side of the egg shell.
We are trying to reach the kids with the satellite phone, but for some reason we don’t hear from any of them for a week now. Is it the satellite phone or are the kids just busy with their own lives? I hope we can hear from them tomorrow, because usually Jaco send us the weather punctually and a very short message of love…

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