Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day nr ???

Another two days pass with hardly any wind. You could sense it in everyone’s mood. We’ve been on the water for two weeks, and it is still a heck of a long way to go. In the meantime the hairdresser flew in on a cloud, and Johan got a haircut and I got my first color out of a box! It was such a relief when the ad on the box was right…and I washed away all the greys right out of my hair! We changed course to slightly more north. And yes, we decided to listen to Paul, and we put some beer cans on the fishing lines to warn us early when the fish is hooked. The engine rooms were dried out with the vacuum cleaner, remember, our bilge pump packed up, and Joe checked the oil and fan belts as well. That evening on my night watch, we got a proper wash down from the heavens, and we grabbed the broom and cloths to get rid of all the white salt gathering on Catlyn. With still no wind we motored during the dark. The next day something was brooding in the air. It was extremely humid and still no wind. Slowly the wind started picking up. We studied the Yacht master notes to try and asses the change in the weather. We had a northerly wind blowing between 15 and 20 knots and the swells on the beam. We thought of changing course but decided to persevere through the night with the wind on the bow and the swells making our night quite uncomfortable. But the sun came up, and we were delighted to have the wind still north and the swells still the same, but we were close enough to change course to a comfortable sail on our way to Salvador! The mood on Catlyn is improving as soon as we can hear the sound of the wind and sea pushing us to a beautiful 6 – 7 knots. I got the best place on Catlyn, nestling in the hammock. The main sail and the screecher are out, and we are getting closer to land. Underneath us is a huge sea mountain, about 400m under the surface and about 3000m high! We are hoping for a fresh fish soon! Ps. Marco is much better, and it is only when he has to dry some dishes that the tonsil is playing along. We received a sms via the SAT phone from Andre, telling us about the tsunamis and stuff in Japan.

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