Saturday, March 26, 2011

Trying to relax in Itaparica!

It is already the 26th of March! I thought the time is going to drag along, but we are so busy with I don’t know what, and before we realize it is time for a sun downer… We survived the Brazilian Cold front, although there was absolutely nothing cold about it. Only the sea was choppy and rolled Catlyn around, and we had thunder and lightning storms every night. It was the first time that we experienced lightning, and Paul from Pro Yacht Deliveries told us to hang out a chain from our mast over the windlass to the anchor and into the water…it might help. When the first water started pouring down, just before sun rise Johan and I woke up. He went out like Adam in the Garden, and was soon enjoying the clean water washing down his body. I was still more discreet, but soon realized that we were the only two people awake in the Bay, and took the opportunity…having a Godly moment being touched by Godly water washing down our bodies!

The whole day was raining, and we realized how much water goes to waste! We started improvising. Marco made his own water catcher, very effective, and Joe and I also made two, and soon we were running water into our fresh water tank, and we filled it with the buckets Marco was filling with his concoction! So much for technology and science schooling at sea! I do have a big piece of waterproof fabric in the boat, and I am thinking about a good plan to catch even more water, but I will keep you dated. The best rain catcher is the bath. We just open the little port hole and the water is running in. Beautiful soft rain water for my hair and washing! We must just improvise a plan to get that into our tanks. Our water tanks were empty and we needed to go to the pontoon at Itaparica for fresh water, but with the lunar activity the pontoon broke in half, and the water and electricity was disconnected. We were stuck with only drinking water, thank God, but no water for washing…so you can imagine the smelly people aboard. We brushed our teeth in a bit of water in a glass, and that was about it. We showered in the salty sea water, but battled to rub the soap to a lather. It was much better on the open sea, where we could use the water maker, but we didn’t want to risk the dirty bay water in this miracle maker of ours. Now you can understand our heavenly delight when the water came pouring down.

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