Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The first two nights at Itaparica, safely anchored in thick mud, we slept like grateful babies. We slowly felt like land animals again and decided to venture out to land. We found that absolutely no one can speak or understand English! Amazing if you think about the world we are living in. The Portuguese are very helpful, and try their best, but you can't say one word in Portuguese then they think they can fire away, you know their language. We are at anchor for free, and only have to pay $R40 per day if you moor at the pontoons where there is electricity and fresh water. We are thinking about going there soon for a day, and Marco can't wait to play XBox again.
We found Afrikaans! Just walking down the street at the beach, we stumbled into Amigo's. It is a quaint bar and restaurant. We met Willem van der Merwe and his wife Robin. Originally he is from Rustenburg, but they sailed from Saldanha to Salvador 4 years ago. He fell in love with Itaparica, and sold his boat and bought a business, and is now running this restaurant for all the Gringo's. He treated us with barbequed chicken and fillet and plates of potatos de fritos (slap chips). Robin couldn't believe her eyes when we finished off the plates in no time. We were four hungry people! They not only fed us with food b
ut also with information, and if ever you come to this little island, make sure you come to meet them!

The above photo of their Restaurant. Their website is http://www.amigos-bbq.com/

The passed two nights Catlyn is rolling like a mono-hull. It feels like we are sailing again! We realised that something is different, because the low tides were extremely low, and the high tides were smashing over the street. It is the Equinox! Since 19 years the moon is at her fullest, and the closest to planet Earth. Super Moon! Is that why we experience the tsunamis and the earth quakes?
Ps. Girls, watch out! You know what the moon does to us, or we to the moon!

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