Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 6

Bananas for breakfast, bananas for lunch and bananas for dinner, and if you are craving for a snack, you can have a banana too! We fry them in honey, Dad made a lovely bran banana bread, and Joe and I made an apple-banana crumble. Marco and Dad surprised us with home- made ice cream, and we will soon start the recipe book for sailors. As you can gather, the wind is scarce so we have to find stuff to keep us busy. It is our third day with very little wind and thank goodness for the screecher, because we still succeed to do 4 knots in a 3 knot wind. They are trying all kind of maneuvers to get the most out of this breeze. Then the main is up, and then the genoa is out, and now they are planning to use the boom as a pole to fly the genoa at port side and the screecher at starboard side. At the end of Day 5 we’ve done 505,1 sea miles…many to go!
The gym sessions are continuing and the boys aboard had a couple of stiff muscles the next morning.

Joe had a light bulb moment as he call it, and walks around with the video camera strapped to his head to make a reality TV show…watch the blog for a good laugh soon. Marco started his second book of Spud from John van de Ruit, and is enjoying it so much! If you do have a son, between the ages of 10 and a 100 please let him read this book. And if you are his mother, please read the book too, just to see what is going on in his mind. And if you are his father, please read the book, and remember how it was to be young and not so serious about life…
I started with the Portuguese CD and it doesn’t look too difficult. I am still searching for the other CD somewhere on the boat, but I am quite positive I will be able to pick up the language. Marco, luckily for me , is helping me when I forget a word. Adios for now!

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