Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Customs and Immigrations

We had a good nights sleep, and were up and ready to go to Salvador for all the red tape. We heard and read that you have to wear long pants and a collared shirt for this process. Johan found a mouldy pant, dust it slightly and off we went. Even the boys were dressed to kill, and it felt so awkward wearing shoes and clothes again. We took a taxi to the terminals and got onto a big ferry with a lot of human beings. We were surrounded by new smells and new sounds, all bundled together on the top deck and the vehicles on the bottom deck. Joe tasted all the sweet stuff, the hawkers were selling. Marco didn't feel like eating with the stuffy smell around. After about an hour we got to Salvador, and we had to find our way in a new place. I dotted down a couple of Portuguese words, and we eventually and after a very long walk found the Police Federal, and our passaporta were stamped. We were legally in Brazil! We carried on walking and searching and found the Alfandega/Customs further down the Port. But they were not able to help us, we had to come back on Monday, although we read and heard that they are open on a Saturday until 14h00.
But we weren't illegal immigrants any more, and we decided to explore the area. Nautico Marina is a nice secure marina, with walk on jetties with water and electricity, and we decided to come and stay here for a couple of days. It is not too expensive, $R60 per day. Bahia Marina is loaded with super yachts, and was fully booked at $R120 per day. We enjoyed the street food and poor Marco ended up with blisters on his feet! We had to get back to Catlyn quickly to get rid of these clothes...
Ps. Hano, you can join us any time!!

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