Sunday, March 20, 2011

4th March

We are all starting to feel better. The jetlag is subsiding, so much so, that the men started their own gym yesterday morning. With bungee straps and cord and wooden sticks they created a whole exercise area on the aft deck. The water cans are filled and being lifted, quite something to balance water in a can and to balance yourself! I am still taking the ginger tablets and maybe I will join today. Our bunch of bananas are starting to turn yellow, and I had the first sweet ripe banana! We are prepared with a lot of recipes to help us make use of these.

Since Marco could verbalize his thoughts to us, he was always telling us about the Time Machine he is going to invent. This machine will enable him to travel all the dimensions, and go back to any time period he chooses. He could spend time hiding in the forests to observe the dinosaurs, or he could go back to the Ice Age, and of course his favorite is to join the army of Alexander the Great! This became a reality when Joe sat down with him, and started putting down his thoughts on paper. Now this creation is launched into The Universe , and you will certainly hear about this in your future!
I am good with the night shifts now! I even look forward to the dark peace when you are all alone, just you the boat, the night sky and the sound of the sea…

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