Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another day

It’s been more than a week now, and in a one hour’s time we will have 1200 nm left. We are all doing well, despite the wind which stayed away for three days. We battled forward very slowly and tried everything with the sails to get more speed. Johan decided to try the boom as a genoa pole to get the most out of that sail. It worked and we speed up a bit. We can’t wait for a stronger wind to see what Catlyn will do. With the sails set like this she managed 4, 5 knots in a 3 knot wind. For the first time since we left St. Helena we saw a cargo ship. It almost circled us, also glad to see something humanly and alive.
We are still on the banana diet, and I made a banana tart, which was delicious! I will definitely add the recipe because it was so easy, and fool proof. We started with the Portuguese and it doesn’t look too difficult. Even Joe joined in. Marco and I will start school again, although it is not time yet, but we reckon, we can start with the second term, and when we reach Salvador, we will have extra time for fun. We found out that he will write his exams in Salvador when we have internet again, and Brainline will treat him like a kid studying abroad. It reliefs us of a lot of logistical pressure.
Our new circuit breaker is doing its job. However we have another problem, because we are sailing into the west, during the afternoons we sail right into the sunset, and the screecher is directly in front of the sun, leaving the solar panels in the shade from about 1 - 2 o'clock. Everyone is settling into a relaxed mode, and are keeping busy with lots of reading, board games and I am even doing some crochet again…
Ps. A happy born day Andre! Your present is the open invitation for a visit soon!

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Anonymous said...

baie dankie !!!
nao faz mal !
a presto
saluti a tutti