Sunday, March 20, 2011


In the still dark of the morning of the last day of February 2011, Johan was stirring restlessly and Catlyn was tugging at her mooring lines. At 5 o clock they could wait no longer, and the engines started, and they woke us to free them from the mooring lines keeping them bonded. Soon St. Helena was laying behind us, as we started the long journey to Salvador, Brazil. The wind was good to us, giving us a great start and the swells not too bad. But it was my first day again, and although I felt much better, I knew it is going to take some time to get my sea legs again. Somewhere behind us, two yachts were following. Moose and Blue Diamond are on their way to Cabadello, which is further north and for the first day we kept radio contact. It was nice to know someone is somewhere behind us, and we are not starting this long journey all by ourselfs.

Remember our bunch of bananas? Well, you have to deserve the right to put your symbol on a banana to secure a green one for your future! In this Survivor, you can be nominated by a crew, if you contributed something special to the day, and we have a challenge every day, and the winner can choose 2 bananas. So much fun to wait for the green to change into yellow. Who’s banana is going to be eaten first?

At about 18h00 we had a bite! Johan was the first to notice this big fish, and I politely grabbed the gaff and opened the fish locker to chuck in this nice big fish. But at the other end was a beautiful Marlin! With pure beastly adrenalin pumping strength he pulled this beauty from the water and struggled it onto the deck…sitting with this animal between his legs! What a blessing to be able to touch this sea creature, we admired and then “photo and release” it back into the ocean. This was too fast, and he hopes to meet another…

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