Sunday, March 20, 2011


Our second day, and we all looked like zombies. It felt like jetlag again, and with effort we went through our daily chores. Marco didn’t feel so well today, and I gave him some ginger tablets I received from Brad, from Sunsail. It helps! So I took two! The wind was between 6 and 9 knots and slowly we sailed forward. Joe and I were on a mission. We have to try and bake the apple crumble from Ann’s Place. We tried our best to get the recipe, but we weren’t successful, so we have to improvise! We baked a sample and of course with Dad’s expertise added, after the second try we had this delicious apple crumble with homemade custard for desert! Who said anything about losing wait on a crossing?
Marco chased his brother around playing cowboys and crooks or something or spy-spy, and they were shooting at each other while hiding away on this big ship. But the little spy sacrificed one of his guns to the ocean, and we had a “ gun overboard”. It was time for the Banana Challenge again and we played “charades.” Of course Marco was the biltong, Willie, but eventually Johan was the winner of a Banana!

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