Monday, March 21, 2011

Salvador _ 18th March

The weather changed. Heavy black clouds were hanging over us, and the wind came straight over our bow. In the distance we could see Salvador’s lights creeping closer. We fought against a 1.5 knot current as well. The last day is not going to be an easy one, just to make sure we appreciate being anchored again. We phoned Bahia Marina, but they were fully booked. We phoned Pier Salvador with no success either. Being so tired by now, and only want this to come to an end, we phoned Itaparica, and with difficult communication, me in something between English and sounds of Italian I know, and new sounds of Portuguese I am trying to learn, I finally understood that we are welcome at Itaparica! Another few hours of sailing in bad weather, but we finally anchored in this beautiful little bay. The only thing I wanted to do was to crawl into bed and sleep for a day or two, but we had to let the dinghy down, lock up the boat and go to the Marine Office.

I am reading Johan’s book, THE WORLD IS FLAT, by Thomas Friedman, but when you come to Brazil and no one can speak or understand English, you wonder whether they are part of your world. But luckily the guy at the office was in touch with technology, and with a Google translator program we communicated via the internet, and yes the world is flat.

We had a beer and a caparinha, their local drink and feeling a little better went back to Catlyn.

We thought of just relaxing for a while but very soon, all of us were in dead man’s dreamland.
In the middle of this dream world I woke up with very load music and human voices. If I can sleep through crashing waves I thought, I can sleep through this. But I heard this happy three men having a good time. And then a voice said: “Look at the moooon! Look at the fucking moooon! I’ve never seen such a moon!” I was too curious and was afraid I am going to miss out on a moooon, so I got up and saw the men on a boat close by, and then I saw the moon. It was encircled by this wide circle full of moisture in the sky. Ok, it was amazing! I went back to bed, with the sounds of the deep slurry singing voices, “How can we be friends…?”
I was just nicely snugged into my dream world again, when a dinghy was coming at a great speed towards us, and human's shouting. I jumped out of bed again, just to stare at a yacht right on Catlyn’s stern! The three very wise men weren’t upset and just shoved this old mono hull lightly away from us, and just slowly drifted pass us. Poor Johan was on watch again, because the men on the yacht had no intention of breaking up their fun, to lift anchor and to move away. They circled us once and just gently push themselves away if they get too close to us! Crossing this big Atlantic Ocean, this was for sure our worst and most dangerous experience!

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